Saving the refrigerator


At my shift last evening at school, I decided to prove to my students that 3D printers are useful so I wanted to fix the refrigerator in the time remaining. The refrigerator at this venue has been wonky; it's missing some sort of internal spring on the water-dispensing tab that would return it to the OFF position once pressed. The result is that every new student ends up spilling a lot of water on the floor when they are initiated into this fact.

So—without a digital caliper—I managed to design a part, slice it using an unfamiliar slicer, print it and put it into service. It finished within five minutes of the end of my shift and amazingly, it worked perfectly. :slight_smile:

What "measurements" I was able to make were accomplished by using a spare Scrabble tile that I'd printed earlier (and I knew the accurate dimensions for that). I just estimated using that as a ruler, if you will. I had to design in the appropriate spring pressure to both hold it on and to counteract the sensor's piston or whatever was back there. I oriented it sideways on the assumption that the printer would be okay bridging the roof at a 5mm gap and that turned out perfectly (versus running the tab straight up).

Slicer: FlashPrint
Printer: Flashforge Creator Pro
Filament: PLA
Print orientation: sideways