Scheduling prints


Does anyone know of a plug that can schedule prints? I have a setup where i have someone that can remove the part once finished, and will give them an hour to do so, then start up the next print. I would like to be able to set the time for the print to happen.




So more of a print queue that has an hour buffer between each file printed? Otherwise, you would have to trust your print time estimates and schedule by time stamp. I haven't seen a plugin that does either of those options but have seen discussion of print queues on the issue tracker of OctoPrint before. Might be something fairly easy to program if you did something like a sub-folder just for a print queue. Upload the files you want to be in queue and start the first one. Once it completes, delete the completed one, wait configured amount of time and then start the next, repeat.


Just did a quick search on Github....seems to be a few options for print queues.


jneilliii, yes, that would actually be perfect.. having a folder of files and have it go through with a time between them. One more option would be to pause the list during certain times. I dont think the pause will need to be too complicated, it just wont issue a new job if its in that time period, otherwise it will let the current print finish.

How easy can this be done? Like I said I am willing to fund it, if its not too expensive.