Scroll behavior of Terminal window


I am fairly new to OctoPi, but so far it all works great.
After I installed the consolidate tabs plugin, i was triggered for by the behavior of the terminal window.
Normally the behavior of scrolling the text in window works great, but it also directly disables the auto-scroll functionality. Probably this is by design.
However, since the terminal window is one of the tabs that is part of the consolidate tabs plugin, it happens regularly that the auto-scroll is disabled when i accidentally have the mouse over the terminal window and i want to scroll up on the main browser window.
Would it be possible to consider an additional option that allows for a persistent auto-scroll, or that the auto-scroll is only disabled once you select the scroll bar?
Any other solution that prevents the terminal window from accidentally dropping out of auto-scroll is welcome too.

I am new to this forum, but did not find so quickly another section where this would fit.

Regards, Gerrit

Hello @Gerrit !

Have you already consulted the OctoPrint Plugin Repository:

There you can find this:


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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