SD card won't initialize

I followed this ( guide and i have everything set up perfectly. I have octoprint running on my pc and i can move my printer and everything. I drag in a file and it says i need to initialize my sd card. I push initialize and my printer makes a noise and then it does nothing. Tried for a few hours to get this thing working, im not really sure what to do anymore. I redid the entire process twice and same result. EVERYTHING is connected, i can freaking control the printer but i cant get the SD card to connect. Any help is appreciated thank you.


if you drag the file over the OctoPrint window, you'll see 2 seperate areas. The left is for local printing, the right is for the SD card.

You'll want to drag your GCode files to the left area and let the raspberry pi handle the work.
The SD card isn't needed.

I already have a file on the left, how do i print it from there?

Just click on the filename.
The file will be shown in the Status window above the files.
You can click Print there.

The filenames are all greyed out the only things I can do with them are download delete or slice. The bigger print button above doesn't do anything either. I'm not home right now but I'll post a picture when I get home in a few hours.

It seems you have no connection to your printer.

I'm connected, I can control the printer and change the temp and everything from my computer. I'll send a picture in 2 hours when I get home

OK i realized my mistake, i was dragging STL files into octoprint and not gcode files. Silly me. It works fine now. Thank you manawyrm and Ewald_Ikemann for all your help, i appreciate it :)!

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I had the same issue as @StephenWB, but just to understand: saving to the left side (local) means that the files are stored in the RPi, which still is in the micro SD card, right?

So what's the difference between saving locally and to the SD card? if both are saving to the same place.


Many printers have an SD card connected to the controller card of the printer. The Raspberry Pi has a (micro)SD card which is its primary boot device. OctoPrint has the ability to print from "local" storage, its (micro)SD card or it has the ability to "upload" a file directly to the SD card connected to the printer. It can then tell the printer through its USB connection to print the file stored on the printer's SD card.

Many OctoPrint users bypass the printer's SD card and do all of their printing through the USB connection. The Gcode file is stored on the RPi's (micro)SD card. The upload isn't a very efficient path.

People that prefer to print from the printer's SD card often move that card back and forth between the computer with the slicer(s) installed and the printer.

Thank you Morgan, that helped me a lot.