SD-Print + Simulation?

as I currently use Klipper I print a lot from virtual SD-Card
so in my case OctoPrint and printer-Frimware point to same folder but my idea wold also work with physical sd-cards

while printing from SD-Card OctoPrint does it's endless M27 and the result looks like SD printing byte 62631/19304089|
so if OctoPrint has the current gcode file it could simulate the print on the virtual printer - synchronizing the speed to the real print - and almost all plugins would work fine I think..?
would that be that challange?

Definitely a challenge, probably not reliable and generally hard to setup for a user I suspect. You have no way to verify that the file that the printer is printing is also this file on OctoPrint's storage. No easy task, but if you want to give it a go & make a plugin or something then there's a number of resources on the documentation for getting started.