sdReady status flags

The return JSON for a ./api/printer call without any excludes returns 2 sdRead states.
one at the root:

"sd": {
        "ready": true

and one as part of the state:

"state": {
        "error": "",
        "flags": {
            "cancelling": false,
            "closedOrError": false,
            "error": false,
            "finishing": false,
            "operational": true,
            "paused": false,
            "pausing": false,
            "printing": false,
            "ready": true,
            "resuming": false,
            "sdReady": true
        "text": "Operational"

Are these derived from the same source and if not what is the difference?

I believe those are the same. I suspect that is was done one way and then updated at a later date as the API was refined and left in there the other way for backwards compatibility.

Ya, thanks for taking the time to comment... I was thinking that was likely but want see if anyone had an authoritative view on it. I did however just now look at the code and it is derived from the same property for the current printer instance.