Secure features and other ideas in OctoPrint (OctoPi)


I am new in the OctoPi world and i make first steps to make my OctoPi more personalized. I have only trouble with secure features in OctoPi.

Is there any plugin or option to set up SSL connection for login and communication with OctoPi and basic security features? I don't know. 5 attempts to login with fail password in 5 min - ban ip. I know that it's external servers and VPN but let's be honest - they are not the best. Maybe it will be nice to put such a functions (basic one) in future OctoPi build. I heard that Raspberry suport SSL but still didn't find good guide how to do that.

New under-voltage function is great but maybe putting of graph of usage CPU and RAM will be good too.

Also putting basic some set up for LAN interface (changing 1Gbps to 100Mbps, static IP, mask, gateway) because changing it in CLI is pain on the ass.

I just found these threads here on this forum alone:
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Perhaps a Lets Encrypt SSL cert. The problem is the private network.