Security advisory regarding Miniclip (

Just letting everyone know that it appears that the makers of (Miniclip) have a history of inserting malware/backdoors into their products. Since I wrote a six-piece series on my blog about how to circumvent their game-crashing ads, they've recently added code which has now bricked my iPad twice in the last week. I'm notifying Apple and you'd think that they would minimally check uploaded apps for suspicious code and possibly ban them from the Apps Store. But it's possible that their own in-app revenue from Miniclip is just too good to let go.

This has nothing to do with Octoprint at all. It is a games app.

And this would be why it's in the General section.

To be honest, I was also on the fence about this... General yes, but I'd rather not have this forum get flooded with unrelated content and have the General section turn into r/all or something. So let's try to stick at least to generally related stuff from now on.