Seeking clarity - Filament Sensor Simplified

I have the BTT Filament Sensor connected directly to the system board on my Ender 3 V2 - works great. I ran across a post that indicated that it could be configured through the plug-in to still pause the print job. I'd prefer to have the option both locally and through Pi, but I'm hitting a wall. The Amazon listing says it won't work that way, but I ran across someone saying that was malarkey. Searching the web, I found it posted elsewhere (likely the same guy) and asked how to configure that. No response.

Is it possible or do I need to move the pin to the Pi?

For the filament sensor connected to the printer board, HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS must be enabled in the printer firmware build (Marlin) so that it can inform OctoPrint to pause the print job. With that enabled it should work fine. No plugin required.

There is a fair amount of misinformation on this (driven by one popular youtube channel at some points) so it's understandably confusing...