Selecting problem in FilamentManager


Hi there.

Related to this: FilamentManager

From settings i have selected: "Show dialog to confirm selected spools before starting/resuming the print job" option.

Many times i don't get my spool collection popup, therefore can't print.

See this:
I had spool selected, usually i have to do that many times, before spool selection comes for popup, this was first time when it was so easy.

What i'm doing wrong?

BR, Jere


Is this relevant to you? Looks like it's an issue where you try to start a print before the file has been analysed / some weird bug means the info about the file never gets updated.


Yep, looks like same.


another thing... i had this problem yeasterday

i ran out of filament during the last minute of printing

i have looked at a runout sensor so print could be paused and me could then get a new spool ready

but i cant figure if this is supported or is planned to be

of course the pause would also mean that the nozzle has to be parked in a good spot as not to ruin the print

the plugin should also ask if this is just a new spool of the one that is used up etc so it could reset the amount used


@jesi Did you used 'print' or 'load and print'? Was the file analysed before the dialog was opened? It doesn't work when the filament data is not available.

@boelle There are plugins available for hardware filament sensors. The filament manager tries to do the same thing in software if the feature has been enabled.