Sending Multiple Gcode Lines

Is there a way to set up a G-code script that runs commands sequentially? I have a method for changing filament (not during printing) that involves extruding, moving to wipe the nozzle on a block, retracting a little, and then re-parking. All steps use basic G-codes, but I couldn't find a way to execute them all with a single button or command. Any feedback is appreciated.

this looks like it could work for you

Thanks! Do you think thats easier than making a custom control?

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Absolutely! Using the GCode Macros plugin works from the GCode file or from the Terminal tab.
You could add a button on the Control Tab using Custom Control Editor or once you see how it's done, just type it into the config.yaml.
Or stick it in to the Slicer Filament change script but then you couldn't do it manually.

another option for custom buttons in the terminal tab

Oh nice, i use that already, I didnt see it was able to execute multiple lines at once, thanks for the resources!

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that's the extended version of this plugin OctoPrint-TerminalCommands

maybe that's why you didn't see the multiple lines option