Sermoon Status/Display

Not sure if this is the correct area, but is there a "plug-in" for the Sermoon D1 that will display progress on the display similar to the Ender 3v2?

Hello @MrRexRuthless !

If that printer can react correctly to a M117 command (G-code - RepRap), you may try:

I ended up reloading PI from fresh as well as OctoPrint. Upgraded OctoPrint to latest version. Still does not work to display any information on buit-in display on printer. No commands available on display while printing from OctoPrint either. I'm suspecting it's firmware related to Sermoon and NOT an OctoPrint issue.

Test it in the OctoPrint terminal. Try something like M117 Hello World and see if that message comes up on the screen.

The other command that's usually used for setting progress is M73, so try M73 P50 to set to 50%.

If it doesn't work with either of them then there's not much chance you have without replacing the firmware.