SetAndWait - Need Testers

Looking for a few testers before publishing.

OctoPrint SetAndWait

This OctoPrint plugin implements Set And Wait commands M109 & M190 into OctoPrint and sends their non-blocking counterparts to the controller.

  • Prints can be canceled during the heating phase without waiting for the temperature to be reached.
  • Fixes an issue where Smoothieware only reports temperatures for the probe being heated which in turn causes gaps on the OctoPrint temperature graph for other probes.

Im down, ill try this tonight.


Can it be used besides Smart Preheat?

Can it be used besides Smart Preheat?

Yes! :smile:

It should work with everything except SD print.

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Seems to work fine, i didnt do much in depth testing. But it seemed to work

Installed and works fine. :+1:

So far 20 prints and no problems. Works really great. :+1:

Nice. Cancels working w/o issue? What firmware is everyone using?

Also trying to think of a better name other than SetAndWait. Ideally something that can get the point across that M109/M190 are re-implemented into OctoPrint itself.

Fw is Klipper and yes. I can cancel now the print without problems.

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I have tested it multiple times with cancel and without canceling the print. It works in both cases..

It's great to have this plugin!

This is now released.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

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Still think "PlaceAndBideOnesTime" is an appealing name :smiley: :joy:

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