Setting up a second OctoPrint on same WiFi

I'm trying to get my second OctoPrint to work but it does not connect to my wifi (?)
I'm using an lan scanner and no new OctoPi shows up. (just the old one)

I downloaded and installed the latest OctoPi just now.

I have entered my SSID and passkey in the 'octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt'. This is the only file I have edited.

Any suggestions?

This might be the time to go with a hostname'ing scheme. Name the first one hans and the next one chewbacca or something.

How about Gretel for the second one :smiley:

How do i change names?

Two ways.

  1. SSH in, sudo raspi-config, select the appropriate option.
  2. Put a file on the SD card called octopi-hostname.txt, right next to the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt, that contains just the name, e.g.

See also


Thank you!
Have a nice weekend!