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Webcams Got an issue getting a webcam to work with OctoPi, or some timelapse related issues? This is the right place. Make sure to include all available information on the type of webcam you are struggling to get to work, and also include /var/log/webcamd.log from the log files. Networking Trouble getting OctoPi to connect to your network, or connecting to it from your clients? Post here. Make sure to include all available information about your network layout and hardware. Electronics Need assistance getting some kind of electronics to run, like specific addon hardware such as displays, or just GPIO pins? Post here. Include all available information about what you are trying to run how and what specifically doesn't work. FAQ Curated list of Frequently Asked Questions Guides The right place to share guides and tutorials with the community. Slicers Slicer troubles? Post here. Make sure to include all relevant information such as used slicer & version and also provide some sample GCODE files.
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OctoPi WiFi/network connection troubleshooting megatopic

Got a problem getting the WiFi connection to work with your OctoPi install? First of all, read this FAQ entry that should already take care of the most common issues: If this doesn't help you, use this thread to ask …

307 September 20, 2019
Known Printer Profiles for OctoPrint

Collected Printer Profiles Make sure to scroll to the right to see the entire table. Instructions During the initial Setup Wizard, you can create your printer's profile. Afterwards, you can create one or more printer pr…

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