Setting up jjinja2 references to variables (loaded from SqLite3)

Good afternoon folks

I have a sqlite database that I want to use for storing my settings, since an external app is essentially going to be looking for settings there.

I can override the setting stuff to suit my needs....
to go populate my self.variablename based on my database setting value just fine.
Similarly in on_settings_save I could do the same thing

My question is how to best set up my plugin_settings.jinja2 to reflect the variables in my plugin?

If you are successfully returning your settings dictionary in on_settings_load then you can just bind to the settings as if they were in config.yaml. I do this with json for OctoDash Companion plugin as an example here. And this is how you bind to it in your jinja template...assuming you are assigning self.settingsViewModel to a dependency.