Setting up multiple webcams in OctoPi the right way

An update to this guide would be so helpful!

I can no longer have 2 cameras.

I see my USB Camera but I cannot use my raspicam anymore when I try to use multiple cameras since the camera="raspi" has been removed and I don't know which device I have to add to the "camera_usb_options=" via parameter "-d" because this is simply not in the not updated yet guide.
I tried to use the -d dev/v4l/by-path/platform-bcm2835-isp-video-index0 but it doesnt work.

So long I have to go with 1 camera but 2 cameras are so convinient and maybe there could also be a UI within OctoPrint for this instead of having to fiddle around with the files (just a wish for the future).

Thank you for all the great work so far. Enriches my 3D printing life so much!

With the advent of the new camera stack for OctoPi it's not top of my priorities to get out my RPi cam & the old stack now to figure out what it should be. If it's simple and takes me 5 mins (or if someone else knows the answer) that would be good. I can't do it at the moment as I don't have the hardware accessible.

I can definitely recommend the new camera stack, which also makes adding new cameras even easier - it's available in the RPi imager as an additional option.

Has this plugin died :man_shrugging:

Not that I'm aware of. You have to manually install since it's unlisted. Go to plugin manager > get more and at the bottom in the ...from URL field copy/paste this url and click install.
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I did as resort from a backup and the plugin didn't reconfigure, try to install it manually, but that also failed.

Forgot about

Cheers works perfectly again :+1:

Is there an updated version for the new stack yet?

It's documented in the FAQ at the bottom.