issue with package with external link


I have a question regarding the when I build my plugin.

I want to do an AI plugin, which requires the onnxruntime==1.15.0 and torch==1.8.1.

However, the 32bit python wheel files for onnxruntime==1.15.0 and torch==1.8.1 are not available in public repos such as So I have to use a download link from Github to install it. Also, the does not consider the package difference between 32bit and 64bit.

So I have to modify the like this to define the plugin_requires

# Any additional requirements besides OctoPrint should be listed here
plugin_requires = [
    "onnxruntime @",
    "torch @",
    "torchvision @"

machine = platform.machine()
if machine.endswith('64'):
    plugin_requires = [

However, will such a modification trigger this:

  • Your plugin doesn’t have any additional code in its that would run directly on plugin installation, or any additional code in its that would run outside of OctoPrint’s plugin framework just by loading it.
    Registering a new plugin

What does your guy think on this issue? I only add an If statement for the different platform, will it considers a modification of

That is completely fine and acceptable.

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