Show image preview in file list


I have a ton of files in my file list and sometimes want to print those older files again. I would be great to see an image of the model to help select the correct file.
I know that I can load it and use the gcode viewer.


I'm working on something similar myself for a project.

I've looked into the gcode visualizer and that sort of looks okay. It's definitely client-side in that in writes to an HTML5 canvas and uses three.js. This would likely work for smaller files but give you problems on files larger than some unknown threshold.


I'm using the "print to octoprint" feature from cura. Ideally cura could create the image of the model and save it to octoprint. I wouldn't even mind having the stl stored on octoprint.


Cura has introduced the UFP file format for the Ultimaker S5 which contains both a gcode file and an image of the model. In theory, an OctoPrint plugin could be made to support this format that also shows the image in the UI.


That's the development path I'm currently taking on this, btw. Metadata/thumbnail.png inside that is what you're looking for: a 300x300 graphic.