Shutdown OctoPi from 3d printer

Hello Everybody!

I'm using Ender 3 Neo with OctoPi, which is powered by the printer's PSU with a step-down converter. I would like to be able to send a shutdown command to OctoPi from the printer's menu. I believe I saw somewhere information on how to do that, but I didn't save a link and now I can't find any information about it.

Is that still possible to accomplish my goal? If yes, could you please share how to set it up or could you please point out where I can find some guidance?


This would be custom action commands/menu configured on the printer side. Action Commands β€” OctoPrint master documentation

Basically your printer has to be able to send to connected hosts (OctoPrint) // action:shutdown. This can be achieved with M118 A1 action:shutdown command assuming the printer supports it.