Shutdown Pi thru OctoDash?

I am thinking about adding OctoDash to my system, already have OctoPrint up and running, but since my main PC is in another part of the house, would be convenient to have more control right by the printer (Prusa). One thing I have not been able to find online is if you can shut down the OctoPrint system from within OctoDash? Again, this is really more of a convenience issue.

It is possible with the custom actions:

Some come pre-configured, the easiest way to configure them (in my opinion) is through the OctoDash Companion Plugin, if OctoPrint runs on the same Pi as OctoDash.

Thanks, so if the !SHUTDOWN command was used, and the OctoDash screen is being powered by the Pi, sending that one command followed by physically turning off the power to the Pi would take care of shutting off both?

I think you got it right

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The other approach is with one of the power related plugins (I've made a few) that are compatible with OctoDash and use the power off command for that specific plugin to auto power off the printer.

Thanks. I will look at that as well in the future. My main objective at this point is to not have to run back and forth between PC and printer/Pi.