Simple Emergency Stop showing both big and small icon

I updated all plugins and Octopi 1.6.1 today and now I have both buttons in the Nav-bar. In addition the PSU control "flash" and the floating nav-bar temp reading are gone. As having both the big and the small icons at the same time seems to be weird I suspect the Simple Emergency Stop Plugin to be behind the outher issues. Any ideas on that, anyone experiencing the same?

Thanks for your help.

disable the plugins 1 at a time and see when things come back to normal... last plugin you disable will be the problem

It is a Safari issue version 12.1.12 does not do the navigation bar correct. Also after reboot the issue remains. On my iPhone and on Google Chrome everything looks normal.

Could you open the browser console, and see if there are any errors? Is it just the simple emergency stop plugin that's affected?

Sorry for the late reply. It was the filament manager plug-in that caused the problem.