Simple Filament Change Buttons broken after 1.5.3 update

Since I installed version 1.5.3, my filament change buttons don't work. When I press the button on my Ender-3 pro to heat the extruder, the system halts and Octoprint reports a heating failure. Any ideas?

That's not related to OctoPrint, the 1.5.3 update, or the filament change buttons.

As the notification tells you, your printer's firmware reported an error. Since it is heating failure, I would suggest you thoroughly check the thermistor wires and the heater cartridge wires and make sure there are no loose connections or broken wires.

Thanks for saving me the time and trouble of reverting to 1.5.2. Being skeptical of coincidences, I jumped to the conclusion that the problem was with the upgrade. I wasn't stopping to think...After I saw your response, I reviewed the logs and confirmed that I had previously experienced a heating failure BEFORE I upgraded to 1.5.3. Seems to be an intermittent hardware problem as everything is working fine today without any changes to Octoprint or the printer. There are no obvious loose connections, etc. When it fails for good, I will track it down.

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Sounds like a broken thermistor wire. IIWY I'd buy a thermisor (and heater cartridge) now.

Let me once again strongly recommend to read the release notes before updating, as asked to do in every update notification. I put every single change in there to allow people to identify if an update might have been at fault for some problem or not, yet most people still go around blindly guessing what might or might not have change and misattribute behaviour as a consequence. Case in point:

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Agree. I did. Before I updated. The update was not the problem. However, since I noticed the heating problem immediately after the upgrade, I thought perhaps the bug-fix upgrade had created another issue. Maybe this hasn't happened with your excellent work with OctoPrint, but it's not uncommon. It's all good now. I will track down the hardware defect. Thank you for your work!