Simplify3D 5.1 OctoPrint enabled

Hi folks,
I am trying to connect S3D v5.1 with OctoPrint. According to S3D web site it is now possible.
Has anyone out there paired S3D 5.1 and OctoPrint together?
Thanks in advanced for any hints.

Hello @stephan !

Haven't they not published a guide?

Thanks for reply.
I have searched everywhere. I guess that I have to ask them on Monday.
Also using Prusa Slicer and it is very simply to connect to OctoPrint.

After some trial and error it finally works. It was not so straightforward as it is for Prusa Sliser.
First connection it a bit strange. You have to hit the connection button. A file open dialog is open. Ignore it. Next print is more straightforward. It stays connected. I quit sure it will be fixed in a upcoming release.