Simplify3D v5! Wifi support

Hi, have anyone managed to connect the new Simplify3D v5 application with octoprint by using the built in network connection?

I tried, but can't make it work.

Looks like its using port 3000, and idk if i can use the OctoPi as a passthrough for it.
Would love to see that.

I tried too and no success as well.
Anyway, on 3D Printing Software Frequently Asked Questions | Simplify3D is section โ€œMy printer wonโ€™t connect to the software" and there is information about common ports by different manufacturers (FlashForge, Ultimaker, MakerBot, Drexel, Qidi Tech. and XYZprinting). The 5.0.1 added support for Voron 2.4, Bambu lab X1, AnkerMake M5 or FLSUN V400.
If anybody knows the protocol of one of these printers, it can be possible to prepare plug-in for OctoPrint. I will ask the Simplify3D team for adopting OctoPrint directly to the program.

Hmmmm.... The FLSUN V400 runs Klipper. This seems to imply that Simplify3D can connect to Klipper printers...

Hello @MrBiscuit !

Where did you find that?
The FLSUN 400 runs on a MKS Robin Nano V2.0, which has, AFAIK, no additional processor for for advanced software.

How can run Klipper on a simple printer board?

A slicer software will never directly connect to Klipper, always to its frontend software (OctoPrint, Mainsail, Fluidd, etc)

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