Single account login only at any time

I am running a 3d printer with octopi which will be accessed by a few people, each with their own accounts and access control. However, I would like to prevent 2 people accessing the octopi website UI at once to prevent collision of activities, for e.g., one person starts a print, and another person unknowingly reboots the octopi at the same time. So, if person A is already logged in and person B tries to login, octopi should just tell person B that person A is already logged in and person B can't access octopi until person A logs out. Is there a setting or plugin that sets up the octopi such that only one person can be logged in to the instance at any time?

I can't say I remember this being an option. The closest I've seen is a plugin I made to list the people that are currently logged in. GitHub - jneilliii/OctoPrint-ActiveConnections

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I see. Thanks for sharing the plugin, seems to be pretty useful for my use case. Will install and try it out!