Single Point Managment System


`I have two printers, each with their own Octopi.

While I know both of these printers could be attached to one Octopi for a single management point, their physical location in my house makes that less than desirable.

My request is for a re-tweak of the current octoprint server, to allow for connections to other Octoprint servers as a master-slave relationship.

Allowing one server (say my vps) to be the touch point for a user perspective. Allowing me to swap printers, and load and start files from one website while still leveraging my local servers at each printer.

Clearly things like error reporting and status updates may need to be fleshed out in more detail, but I think this would be a powerful tool for people managing printers across multiple physical locations. Allowing them to setup a octoprint server and point it at the "management server" which you can host at home or on the cloud.`


Search the forum. People have worked on these before.

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lol overseer. looks very similar to my solution.
But i will use for the communication between server and client and for webcam streaming.
But optical they are actually very close :smiley: