Slack Channel for Octoprint


Hey everyone!

I was just thinking it would be really cool to get a shared Slack channel up and running so that people could chat real-time about any issues they are having. What do you all think about that? It shouldn't cost any money, because the free tier let's you invite as many people as you want to a workspace.


To be honest, I'm not big of a fan of having a communication channel for an open source software in a closed and proprietary chat system (even though I have to admit that I recently started playing around with discord and find it kinda sexy) :wink:

We do already have an IRC channel at #octoprint on freenode though :slight_smile: Logs are here, webchat is here. Currently you need to be registered on freenode though to be allowed to post there due to an ongoing spam attack against the whole network.


Fair enough, I was just thinking that we could post the public channel invite link, so it wouldn't be "private". One other service I use, Nanobox, has a Slack channel and it seems to be really helpful to get quick tips and help on small issues.

I really appreciate your response!


Also, gonna have to check out Discord. I use Slack all the time at work and with Octoprint for notifications, which is why I am partial to Slack, but I do need to check out Discord :slight_smile:


Love Slack, dislike IRC, but.. no. We need async chat here.


@tedder42 That would be cool too!


My point is that discourse is async chat :slight_smile:


Sorry, misunderstood. You are correct. I wasn't suggesting replacing discourse, just in addition to