Slic3r install error

What is the problem?

When trying to install Slic3r using the guide found here:

I get this error:

Slic3r requires the boost libraries. Please make sure they are installed.
If they are installed, this script should be able to locate them in several standard locations. If this is not the case, you might want to supply their path through the BOOST_INCLUDEPATH and BOOST_LIBRARYPATH environment variables:
BOOST_INCLUDEPATH=/usr/local/include BOOST_LIBRARYPATH=/usr/lib perl Build.PL

If you just compiled Boost in its source directory without installing it in the system you can just provide the BOOST_DIR variable pointing to that directory.

! Configure failed for ./xs. See /root/.cpanm/work/1555088675.5463/build.log for details.
The XS/C++ code failed to compile, aborting

What did you already try to solve it?

I did some research which told me to run:

sudo apt-get install libboost-system-dev libboost-thread-dev

So I did and got a message saying:

libboost-system-dev is already the newest version
libboost-thread-dev is already the newest version

I have looked around everywhere but can't find what to do to correct the error any help would be appreciated!

Go back to the repository where you found this. Read every. single. line. in. it.

"At this moment, the plugin will be installed, but Slic3r must be downloaded and configured, which can be done following these steps:"

I have.
The first time I did steps 1-4 and got an out of memory error like it says might happen so I did step 5 and repeated steps 1-4 like it says and what I posted above was the error I got.
I'm not stupid and I do read things u know.

I might suggest then to open an issue on the plugin author's repository. Let them know what you're seeing and get their feedback and help.

I have done this but I thought I should post it here too as octoprint isn't a standard Linux distribution therefore I thought it may something to do with were Boost is installed in octoprint which might be causing an issue in this situation

I have repeated the exact same process another 3 times and it suddenly decided to work slic3r seems to be very buggy when being built

I'm on 64bit Ubuntu 19.04. I just did "apt-get -y install slic3r" and poof away it went... no issues.

@joel_huebner, Ubuntu is not Raspbian. You, however, have the right idea, don't slice on your Raspberry Pi (running OctoPrint). Use the RPi for feeding the 3D printer GCode for hours at a time and slice on a system with more "horsepower" (and memory).

I even use slic3r on an 10yr old HP mini110, running lubuntu. It has an ATOM processor. Never big power. but it cooks files just fine. Finding a 32bit version of software kind of sucks. IT is always that way. IMHO