Smart Filament Sensor - No Longer Maintained

Hi, it would seem the current maintainer of the Smart Filament Sensor can no longer maintain it. No commits or issues replied to in a year, and they added a note to the very bottom of the saying "2022: Currently no further development, feel free to continue development in personal forks"

Would it be possible to reach out to the community at large to see if someone else would be able to step up, similar to the notifications we got about the Enclosure plugin? It's a niche plugin, sure, but an extremely useful one for a lot of people who rely on it. The Octoprint plugin listing page for it shows ~600 installs.

Filament sensor plugins are an interesting sector of the plugin repository... There's 8 of them iirc, many forks of each other with similar issues.

If your printer motherboard has a slot for the sensor, then that should be used over any plugins for OctoPrint anyway.

Regardless of the above: you can create an abandoned plugin report on the plugin repository, so that anyone looking to adopt the plugin or help out with maintenance can do so.


Thank you so much for that information.

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I use Filament Sensor Simplified with OctoPi on both of my printer setups. I'm using board pins13/14 GPIO 27/Gnd with a simple roller filament guide with a roller arm NC microswitch. When the filament breaks or runs out, the switch opens signaling Filament Sensor Simplified to pause, turn off the nozzle but keep the bed at temp.
I found that if I keep the factory sensor jumper (no switch installed) on my CR-10 S4 connected with the Raspberry hooked up, my roller switch works as intended. If I remove the jumper (leaving the connection open), OctoPi gets confused and the printer won't print.
My Ender 3 Pro never had a factory filament switch (that I know about), the Pi4 OctoPrint setup is connected the same way as the S4.