Smartphone Octolapse Stringing (Wipe tower?)

First of all I'd like to thank FormerLurker and everyone else invloved in the making of this amazing platform! After some weeks of trying different methods to use my phone for timelapses it turnd out that the best way of doing this is by using an app to turn your phone to an IP camera which you can connect to octolapse and octoprint in general. However the snapshot delay is around 3000ms with this configuration and as I am mostly printing with PETG, stringing is clearly an issue. To combat this issue I've tried using wipe towers which work adequatly, but I don't really like them in my timelapse, and sometimes especially in higher prints tend to detach from the bed and often ruin the print. I'll try making them bigger and with a wider base but I was wondering whether any of you have a different idea of how I could combat this issue. Thank you very much, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Hopefully you've already figured this out, but I've been going crazy over retraction settings today. I'm printing PLA, so don't know if it will help, but adding "retract" at layer change in Cura seems to help a ton.

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