Snapcraft Linux

Hello there,
With the latest Ubuntu release I saw they are starting to push Ubuntu Appliances. After reading a little bit it looks like it uses Snaps to make a install and go applications. This seems like a perfect medium for Octoprint, and I was just wondering if supporting Snaps was being considered or already in the works?

Seems like if there was a Snap made then we could install Octoprint on any computer really quickly and easily. And as a side effect be able to make an Appliance that we could just image on to a Pi and have it up and running quickly too.

I can't speak for @foosel but I don't think she got time for that.

Also I think somebody already made a snap package.

You are right. And I also have no idea of snaps and I also don't use that stuff myself, so I'm entirely unqualified to begin with.

Cool thanks. If the snap works as it should, it should pretty much be a 1-click install. Much easier than manual install instructions.

And if Paulo is able to get an Appliance made out of the snap there there is a simple alternative to Octopi that uses Ubuntu instead of Rasbian. Pretty cool stuff. I will try out the snap later see if it is that easy.

anyone know how the restart octoprint, reboot and shutdown are supposed to be set?

Assuming that you're using a Snap version of OctoPrint then the documentation for Snapcraft is probably the best way of learning about that.