Snapshot Saving Issue - Module 'PIL.Image' has no attribute 'open'

Hello Internet,

I am working my way into the Octopint/OctoPi world bit by bit in the last few weeks. Loving all the tools and support threads but I seem to have run into an issue that has not been addressed yet.

After setting up OctoLapse, I do not seem to be having any snapshots get saved. Despite several prints and a fair number of timelapses created, I still have the starting message "No snapshots have been taken with the current camera. A preview of your timelapse will start to appear here as snapshots are taken by Octolapse."

Running the "test snapshot file" returns a positive result and the full timelapse seems to save just fine but not the snapshots.

I also tried fully uninstalling/reinstalling OctoLapse and reconfiguring my settings.

Checking the error logs, I am seeing a message about " module 'PIL.Image' has no attribute 'open' ". Which, does not mean much to me. There is already an issue open on the GitHub page but I figured I would check here as well. I have attached the gcode I was using and the plugin.octolapse.log file in the .ZIP file.

All the best,
Caleb (123.3 KB)