Snapshots from the octolapse timelapse through the http

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How to get the snapshots made by octolapse through http? can only download them through mobaXterm, or look on them through the putty.
i can get only the last snapshot made by octolapse
also how to open other directories to look on them through the http?

For anyone else wondering, @PropovedNik means "through", not "throw".

yes, sorry for my english.
Anyway, I need not http://192.168.X.X/webcam/?action=stream
or http://192.168.X.X/webcam/?action=snapshot
but to open this directory below through http

# This will likely give you the latest subfolder below snapshots
ls -Art ~/.octoprint/data/octolapse/snapshots | tail -n 1

So in theory, you could grab that output and use it to cd into that folder or whatever you're trying to do.

but i can do it in linux cmd line, i need to get this folder trough http. what url can give me this directory?
i need something like this
it's the last snapshot made by octolapse, but i need to open like this other snapshots

To the best of my knowledge, OctoPrint does not allow you to download via HTTP any of the ~/.octoprint/data content.

Hey, you might be happy to learn that Octolapse V0.4+ has a built-in feature to zip all your snapshots and let you download them through the interface. To use it you either need to enable snapshot archive generation in the rendering profile, or just disable rendering all together. See this guild to get started!