[SOLVED] Extra job status information

The web interface show nice stats like "Current Height: 2.4 / 10.2mm" and "Layer: 12 / 66".

Is it possible to get that data via the API?

I've checked but, if that data is available, it is not documented.

Scroll down to the Developer - Section

Thank you for your response. I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Followup question: Are there any more hidden gems?

Display Layer progress is a plugin that provides it's own API - don't count on it being installed on an instance. The layer number isn't visible in the UI unless the plugin that adds them is installed.

Everything (well, no guarantees but it seems complete to me) in the REST API is documented on https://docs.octoprint.org/en/master/api/index.html, but then it is up to plugin authors if they wish to define their own API extensions and they are often documented.

YEP - that was what I was after. Thank you!