Someone to develop a plugin?

Hello dear Octoprinters,

I am looking for someone who can work on developing a plugin.

Please, send me a private message if you are interested.

Have successful prints!

Presumably you are looking for private development or you'd share the idea, right? How much are you paying?

The private / open question is still under reflexion, that is why I did not expose the idea.
Happy to have a chat to discuss the project and the payement.

I need to develop one plugin that integrates octoprint with a workflow engine (zeebe), via grpc.
This plugin should be able to receive and execute basic commands like receive/load file, start print, notify print finished.
Someone else started the implementation few months ago and I need help to finish it. I'm willing to pay ~500$, negotiable. And the source code is open.
Thank you,

Hello @ciprianpascu !

You hijacked two 3 year old threads.

You have more chances by starting a new thread.

Thank you Ewald for this tip. Will do :slight_smile: