Someone to make a firmware for me

Is there a site or a member on here that can help me build Klipper or Marlin firmware for an Ender 3 Pro with dual z, bl touch, and BTT octopus v1.1 board. If so I can send all the specs and what wires go where on my setup as well as how many fans etc I have and what volts. I know there is lots of tutorials on how to build firmware but its a bit much for me to get it all figured out and I'm really worried about having the right volts etc and steps per min right for my steppers and drivers so I don't burn anything out.

Here you can find Marlin:

And here Klipper:

With these you have a base to start.

BTW: With not having the exact printer on hand, this is a tedious and time consuming affair: Test a version, the writer has to correct it, send it over, still a bug, the writer has go to work, comes back later, corrects it, send it over, a new issue occurs and so on and so on.