SonosRemote - A remote for Sonos installations running on an ESP8266 and using Sonos HTTP API

As I finally have fiddled something together myself that fits in this category... :wink:

I built a little something over the course of the last evenings to solve a problem I was having: A little remote control for my Sonos installation. ESP8266 in the shape of a Wemos D1 Mini, rotary encoder, Micropython (which I finally wanted to try out), Sonos HTTP API and a 3d printer for the case parts = win :sunglasses:

It's not much to look at, but it makes volume changes, play/pause toggling and track switches so bloody convenient. And I dimensioned it so I should hopefully also be able to build a waterproof-ish version to mount high up in the shower since it should fit run-of-the-mill rubber o-rings (in that case though I'll do the powering not through the exposed micro usb plug but rather a sealed in cable).

I've thrown firmware & STLs up on github here:

Should be enough documentation in the README to build one yourself if you need to :wink:


Really nice...and of course in python :slight_smile:
Inspired by Prusa?

I am also switching my ESP-Projects to micropython. One reason is that thread-handling is much easier. E.g. "breathing" led and listing for other events

C ya,

Nope. By my parts bin :wink:

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You might try wirelessly charging it. Those pairs are readily available these days.

Then I'd have to figure out how to make THAT waterproof however. Putting a rubber seal into a hole and threading a cable through (potentially with some silicone around if the fit isn't yet perfect) should be easier :wink:

"Easier...", said the geek... Neveh! :laughing: