Spaghetti Detective can't connect to server

I can't get the Spaghetti Detective Plugin to connect to the server ( Installation of the plugin and creating the account on the TSD website worked fine. The test of the secret token also works. But I keep getting the error message "The plugin has failed to connect to the server x times (error rate 100%) since OctoPrint rebooted.".

I am running OctoPrint 1.5.0 on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2. The TSD-Plugin is version 1.4.4

The internet connection of my Pi works fine. I ssh'ed into the Pi and tried pinging and it worked. Then I tried pinging and that worked too. Only pinging didn't work. But that is also doesn't work from my windows machine.

octoprint.log (35.9 KB)

I'm tagging @Kenneth_Jiang
he might be able to help you :slight_smile:

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The problem solved itself. The Pi's SD card went bad so I had to reinstall OctoPi from scratch. Now everything works fine.

Having the same issue and this is the second time I reinstalled to try and make it work. Was wondering if PiHole was the issue but no logs indicate that.

Really new to OctoPrint and 3D Printing... Don't even have my printer yet but trying to learn the software and plan for a Creality3v2. Please be gentle with me.

PiHole can cause all sorts of nastiness. I wouldn't use it.

Thanks for replying b-morgan! I have actually had no real issues with PiHole and it is working great. I removed the PiHole and I have the same issue.

This has really got me stumped. The error logs, codes, and OctoPi interface are no help... keeps saying connection refused to the TSD server.

I'm also getting a lot of these messages lately... Until now I assumed it's just my wifi, but if you guys are getting them too, maybe it actually is a problem with TSD?

I'd ask in the Spaghetti Detective Forum (which appears to be a Discord server) about troubleshooting. Specifically, ask if should respond to ICMP (ping) packets. If it does not, then perhaps they can tell you how best to troubleshoot this issue.

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Thanks Again b-morgan!

I have posted there but because I am "free" for now, never know when they will answer but we'll wait.

Thanks again and stay safe!