Spool manager Status

So, I've noticed that the two leading spool/filament managers are effectively abandoned and even the person volunteering to take them over hasn't done anything. Do people just wing these things? What fraction of people have the ability to print with automatic filament changes? I've been working on an automated filament changer, but have the folks that value that just switched to Bamboo Lab and don't interact with OctoPrint?

Personally, I just weigh the spools and use the estimate from the slicer.

Absent an automated filament changer, I would expect that folks would use a spool manager to automate adjustment of bed and hot end settings, as well as doing filament inventory checks. Without automated filament swaps, I just wing these things - running out of filament is only an occassional issue. I was hoping that I could just borrow this functionality for my filament exchanger, but now I suspect that I'll need to include this functionality myself.