Spools Manager - hidden part of spool detail

Good evening...
I just installed "Spools Manager", and I have a problem with the detailed display of a reel. Indeed, the bottom of the display is missing, hidden by the gray part. I am on Octoprint 1.6.1, and my browser is Chrome.

A screenshot would help us :wink:

It's impossible to write a note. I cannot access the box.

I will try to remove and re-install the plugin.

After remove the plugin (but not erase the data), I have exactly the same problem :

This snapshot was taken with a 125% zoom in my chrome's window. If I reduce the zoom to 90%, I have this :

Style sheet problem ??

tagging @OllisGit :slight_smile:

Do you have UI customizer installed?

No. Normally, i have OctoDash installed on my Pi, but i haved reinstall Octoprint, and all the plugin on a new SD Card.
Plugin installed :
Auto Bim
Bed visualizer
Cost Estimation
Display Layer Progress
Filament scale
Print time Genius
TP-Link smartplug
and Spool Manager....