Start playlist plugin with button plugin

Hi, i started to make a table sand and i want to make it fully automated, i want one button for start the playlist and another one's for pause and continue.

I don't see info (if it's possible) how i can start my playlist from "playlist plugin" with one phisical button of the raspberry pi (i installed Physical button plugin but if anyone know how to do it with this plugin or another one i'm all ears).

If anyone can help please.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Did you happen to every figure out how to accomplish this? I would like this for a sand table as well.

Technically if you are in the middle of a file you should be able to use the @PAUSE and @RESUME "at commands" as gcode commands, assuming the physical button plugin has the option of sending gcode commands.

Hello, Thank you for your time and input! We are actually not trying to pause and restart. For a sand table, we would like to run multiple gcode files, one after the other, and then loop. But, would like to start the process with a single button press. Physical Button does allow gcode and it allows us to call an uploaded file. However, it will only allow us to do one gcode file, and will not allow us to loop. We could, technically, load a gcode file with 5 or so patterns, but we are finding that we get a timeout condition. If we use the Playlist Plugin, we can load all of our patterns one at a time, and select the loop option, so it will just run over and over, and we have found that it does not timeout. So, it would be cool if the Physical Button plugin could access and start the Playlist plugin. It might just not be possible, but would be cool if it did.

I understand the goal/intention. I wrote the plugin. Was just providing the only available option in the plugin currently. I'm not developing that playlist plugin anymore because of the way it does it's thing.

Awesome that you wrote it! I definitely appreciate your time, help and input! I'll keep looking at the Physical Button plugin to see if there are any more commands that can be used to maybe get this to work. Thanks again for your hard work on the Playlist plugin!!

Another option might be my print scheduler plugin as I do actively work on it since it doesn't interfere with the communication layer of OctoPrint. It works similar in that you can queue up prints (and a setting to repeat daily) and it's basically the same as playlist, with the exception of pausing starting a queue. Or potentially the Continuous Print plugin might work, would have to look to see if it has any potential trigger commands for start/stop/pause.