State of compatibility with cr-10s pro v2

Should I expect octoprint to work with my cr10s pro v2? There are recent issues posting about firmware issues caused by creality that octoprint can't solve and it seems like this I might have a bad time. Truth be told I'd just like a way to send gcode to the printer remotely.

It will probably work. OctoPrint of course cannot solve your firmware issues, only you can by changing the firmware. Most Creality issues are not 'broken unusable' issues, but instead small minor things like temperature reporting, having an SD card in the printer sometimes making weird bugs.


You're right, it worked just fine. Thanks for the encouraging words :slight_smile:

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Will OctoPrint work with the CR-10S Pro V2 filament sensor and power loss features? Do they only work with the SD card? How can I monitor the print with OctoPrint if I start the print from the SD card? Thanks