Status about Python 3

Hi Gina!

I'm happy about Octoprint itself being Python 3-ready more or less in time.
But, to be honest, I have no Idea what is the overall status.

If I understand correctly, after updating to 1.4.0, my installation is still running Python 2.
I see some plugins publish updates where the release-notes say they are now Python 3 ready.

For me as a "user", I can't figure out if my plugins are ready, and if not, which are not. Also, if I would want to switch to Python 3, the only documentation I can find is for Plugin-Devs how they can setup their virtual-env, is it the same for users?

I would like to switch asap, just out of principle of not using out-of-support software, with-or-without known issues.

Grüße aus Bayern!

Has been answered in "Octoprint On Air #30"


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It seems the issue is that some plugins do not work on Python 3. I'm new and just started. Installed it with Python 3 and was confused as to why installing some plugins didn't work even though it says "success". I eventually figured out they aren't compatible with Python 3.

Hi Brendon,
Octoprint does not start plugins that are not yet tagged as compatible with Python3.
As this is the case for most of the Plugins, you should definitely stick with Python2.