Status about Python 3

Hi Gina!

I'm happy about Octoprint itself being Python 3-ready more or less in time.
But, to be honest, I have no Idea what is the overall status.

If I understand correctly, after updating to 1.4.0, my installation is still running Python 2.
I see some plugins publish updates where the release-notes say they are now Python 3 ready.

For me as a "user", I can't figure out if my plugins are ready, and if not, which are not. Also, if I would want to switch to Python 3, the only documentation I can find is for Plugin-Devs how they can setup their virtual-env, is it the same for users?

I would like to switch asap, just out of principle of not using out-of-support software, with-or-without known issues.

Grüße aus Bayern!

Has been answered in "Octoprint On Air #30"


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