Stuck at Debian login

New guy here. Loaded octopi to an address card and went through the motions. ram the script to install the GUI and adjusted the confit to auto login to it using the sudo raspi-config command. Rebooted and it took me to the Debian login. Enters the pi username and raspberry password. It accepts and the screen goes black. Couple second later it give me the login box again. I have no idea what it could be. I tried some of the default things I found on the internet but they come back as wrong username/ password. So that tells me me pi/ raspberry login is correct. But I’m stuck in a loop. Anybody got any ideas?

Hello @Nissan420z !

You get to OctoPrint via the Web front in. As described here:

I got that. But it has a GUI I would rather use. That is what’s giving me issues.

Usually if you get to the Debian login loop it means that the desktop has not installed correctly, as it can't start up.

The install may have failed, since the apt repositories have been renamed due to the release of Debian 11 'Bullseye'.

Try the steps below:

Then retry the desktop install. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe it doesn't.

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Got it working. Thanks guys

To clarify, in case someone else comes across the same issue - was it the steps I sent that solved it, or something else?

Yes that and I had to run the sudo apt-get full grade. I then had to install chromium and all is right in the world

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