Stumbled across a nifty Pi 4 case

I just found a really cool Pi 4 case which I want to show you :slight_smile:

I like the adaptor board which puts all ports to the back. For me it's the perfect pi media center case.

Unfortunately they missed the opportunity to cool the board from underneath like this case does:

With active cooling I have no doubt that it will outperform the Argon case in terms of cooling - it also costs half as much.

tl;dr: If you're into extreme overclocking the second case is suited for you - but if you're looking for a media center the Argon One is right now the best on the market in my opinion.


What is it you want cool -> the sd-card slot ?

My daughter took this one for her latest 24/7 Minecraft server on a Pi 4. Ok, not exactly that model, but quite close with both sides heat sink.

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Yeah I didn't describe it well.
It cools the cpu from underneath:
As you can see here it got a contact plate on the bottom half.

When you put a thermalpad on in it makes a noticeable difference.

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It's innovative (with that daughter board). I like it. I wished they'd have shown a ribbon cable attempt to a webcam to see how that escapes from this case, though.

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If the aluminum case had some sort of mounting holes so I could attach it to the frame of my printer (4020 extrusion) I'd definitely look at upgrading my 3B to a 4B.

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Well it got screws in the bottom plate so if you take longer screws you should be able to mount it with the help of an adaptor plate.

One might 3D print a shim, adapter plate or collar... I'm all the time doing that around here. ha

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