Suggestion for a plugin

Hi there!
Inspirated by arcwelder plugin and the "ironing"-function in known slicers I have an idea for maybe a new plugin. The goal is to make all Sharp edges smoother after slicing. I mean in that way like Tinkercad does with the "bevel“-function at single cubes for example. Or in that way like a sandblaster does.
I’m a bloody rookie, not able to think how it could works. Maybe there is somebody here who like to build that?

Why would you want to do this at the gcode level where it is hard to have control over it, as opposed to when modeling where you have full control over what edges will be smoothed in what way?

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Because it is not possible in Tinkercad to unshared the edges at the complete building, just for single items.
That was I imagine is something that works like a filter in several photo-apps. Just click "unsharp" and BAM! - all edges are slightly rounded.