Suggestion: Notes in the prints

It would be nice to be able to add a small note on a print in the files list. Just an icon to the left of print/download/delete/etc.

Very often I don't remember what each print is just by the name, if I could add a note I would write some small description to the print. Then the note could be showed on the "additional data" area.

thanks a lot

Edit: With Octoprint Connection plugin (Cura) and Ultimaker Format Package plugin I have screenshots on the file list. It's perfectly and helps me know what is the print.

What slicer are you using?
For PrusaSlicer there is this solution:

And for Cura this:

S3D will also use PrusaSlicer with the relevant post processing.

Master is Linux only with S3D picture.

Openscad Branch also does openscad thumbs and Mac Support

Master Linux

+openscad & Mac

Hopefully they will be merged at some point. And if someone wants to add windows support I am sure NotExpectedYet will appreciate it......

(Oops that was meant to be a reply to all)

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I use Cura, nice plugin, I'll try it, thanks a lot!

Yeah, the combination of my UltimakerFormatPackage plugin and @fieldOfView's OctoPrint Connection plugin for Cura are a sweet combination...

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Maybe I am wrong, but what @Drake_Coldwinter is looking for doesn't exists 100%.

As an alternative you can use StickyPad or PrintJobHistory to take notes to a PrintJob.

High five! :raised_hand:

I (Edit: Typo) think the thumbnail suggestion was aimed at the remember what the job was, a visual reminder. Of cause as printjob can also using thumbnails as well that is the perfect.

Personally I use S3d with prusa thumbs, prusa thumbs and printjob plugin notes feature. Perfect.

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I had already the Octoprint connection plugin. Now with the UFP plugin I have screenshots with fulfil my purpose perfectly :slight_smile: Very happy, thanks a lot.

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Awesome, glad my plugin worked out for you.