SuperOcto, fully featured touch 3D Printer controller, OctoPrint based

my latest project, strongly OctoPrint related, named "SuperOcto", is what I called "The Ultimate 3D Printer accessory" :slight_smile:
The box contains:
a fully functional UPS with 10 minutes of autonomy @ full load (printer on, hotend on, bed on, cooler on);
two assisted 240 VAC plugs software controlled;
a Raspberry PI 3;
an official 7 inch touch screen;
an attiny85 based shutdown / power on button;
four external USB for printers, USB drives, Raspberry PI console, cameras etc.;
a full featured touch GUI for controlling 3D printers, slicing, sending to print, archiving print files, managing WiFi, manage UPS, printers ON OFF control and many more, written in Python + Kivy as a OcoPrint Plugin!
Obviously, SuperOcto brings up the OctoPrint service and can be fully controlled by LAN, WAN, Internet and Cloud.
Attached foto was shooted during Rome Maker Faire 2017.
Someone like SuperOcto? :wink:


Give us moarrrr details :drooling_face: And pictures!

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First images on the fly... just to calm the hunger... :joy:

Under the cover!


Looks like quite a project!

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See, now, if I had... what's that thing called ?

Oh yea, money :exploding_head:

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Naaaa... I'm a MHacker, not a seller. All is Open Xxxxware... ok?

I'm sorry. That was not meant as an insult of any kind.

My humor may not translate very well from English into Italian

It was a joke about me being broke

Capito, tutto ok, tranquillo! :wink: