Support for ChiTu controller based printers?


Most of the cheap Chinese resin printers are built around a ChiTu controller board, these speak Gcode via some pins (that you may or may not need to solder on yourself). I really like Octoprint for my FDM printer, and would love to stop using a USB stick for my resin printers.

Is there any chance that octoprint will support these controller boards?

There is already a project called mariner that can speak to these controller boards, but I'm really happy with octoprint so... throwing the request on here.

Mariner on github is here:

Right now they're not supported.
Those cheap lcd based resin printers might run with gcode but they also need a picture for the lcd each layer.

Also, afaik, every manufacturer does their own thing when it comes to protocols.

As long as there is no standardized way to talk to those printers I wouldn't wait for octoprint support.

Yeah, it's too bad that manufacturer that integrated OctoPrint with their chitubox didn't share their code in a usable way...

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There is now a plug-in for octoprint (search "chitu" in plug-ins) that doesn't seem to have been updated

Github here...

I've only gotten as far as making the printer move the z-axis.

Since it doesn't seem to like being sent .ctb files (because it's expecting .gcode), I can't say how well it reads the "print status" data

On the other hand, maybe it wanted me to send the files thru ssh to the samba drive instead of using the octoprint interface

Like I said, I haven't gotten it fully to work, or, I haven't figured out the functionality of it yet